We currently cover all of NJ, Manhattan and eastern PA. We are one of the largest real estate companies in the tri-state area and we have created what we feel to be the best real estate company in the industry.

Here is what we have to offer:

  • Pre-Approval: Knowing how much you can afford is a crucial first step, but just as important, sellers will be much more receptive to potential buyers who have been pre-approved.
  • Your Wish List: We recommend making two lists: 1. The first should include your must have items. The second list should be things you’d like in addition to your must haves. Typically you aren’t able to get everything on both lists, but this will help you in your decision making and make the process easier.
  • Hiring an Expert: Usually the seller will have a professional representing them, you should do the same on your end.
  • Visualize the house empty and with your furniture in it: Does this house meet your needs, will all your belongings fit? Does each room get enough light?
  • Be Objective: A home should capture your heart, but should also make sense on paper too.


This may seem a bit overwhelming, that is why having an expert represent you and keep track of all the details is highly recommended. Please give us a call so we can set up a time to meet. 609-731-4265


Standard Operating Procedures for Working with Buyers: ARC Real Estate Advisors in NY



Buyer clients who the ARC Real Estate Advisors agent has not met before, will be asked to show identification.


Exclusive Broker Agreement:

Our company requires an exclusive brokerage agreement to work with buyers.

Please ask your buyers agent for the exclusive brokerage agreement: Here is the link


Pre-Approval for Mortgage:

A pre-approval from a mortgage company or proof of funds will be required before showing properties, if the buyer will be paying in cash, proof of funds will be required.


Here is the link to the signed form: