Tom Mulligan

ARC Real Estate is founded by Tom Mulligan. Tom is one of the top Realtors in the industry and has sold over 1,000 homes in his career.

Tom was a top producer at two of the major brands for nearly 20 years before going out on his own and starting ARC Real Estate. During this time, he saw many things that real estate companies did that were not only unproductive for agents- it hindered them.

Tom’s vision was to create the best real estate company out there for the client and for the agent. Tom knew that by creating the best company for the agents, they would naturally be able to do the best for their clients.

The way he looks at real estate is very simple. Do the very best you can for people and truly care about them and you’ll never have any problems being successful. This mindset has made Tom one of the best realtors out there and has won him countless awards.

At this time Tom had 14 agents and couldn’t spend much time recruiting because he was so busy working with clients and selling houses. His oldest son Sean had just gotten his business degree and wanted to help his father grow the company; working together they have built a great company with over 200 agents that covers all of NJ, Manhattan and Eastern PA.

Here a few of the many things ARC has gotten rid of that in our opinion, hinders agents:

Low splits: ARC Agents make 80% commission. Agents get the commission they deserve while also getting great training and support that most agents would think they could only get on a 50% split.

Desk and monthly fees: We feel that desk and monthly fees substantially hurt agents. Realtors work on commission- we personally don’t think an agent who works for only commission should also have to pay you to work for you on top of splitting their commission with you. How can an agent have money to market themselves to new clients and market for their existing clients if they are on a low split AND paying desk and monthly fees?

The listing agent not getting the call-in on their sign: We feel this hurts both the agent and the client. When a client see’s a listing and calls the sign, who knows that property better than the listing agent? The listing agent is by far the best suited to be taking that phone call to help the client best. That call going to the agent answering the phone at the front desk in the office also hurts the agent. Had the listing agent gotten that phone call they could have gotten both ends of the transaction and doubled their commission. Missing those calls can cost an agent tens of thousands of dollars a year.

Not having a retirement plan: In real estate you’re only as financially secure as the listings you have closing that month. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to make residual  income for bringing agents on board to a company? At ARC our agents make 5% residual income on every agent they bring on board. The agent they bring on board still makes their full 80% commission, the 5% comes out of the ARC Real Estate side of the pot. –And we’re happy to give it to them because they are bringing on good agents we may have not gotten otherwise. How nice would it be as an agent to make $4,000-5,000 a month just from bringing in ten to twenty good agents over the years? We’ve made that a reachable goal here at ARC.

Most agents don’t get personal one on one training – and those who do usually aren’t trained with the best information: We are here for personal training whenever our agents want it and we train our agents with the same systems and techniques that have helped Tom Mulligan to sell over 1,000 homes in his career. We give you the CURRENT information of what works in today’s market.

Most agents never get leads from their company and if they do, they usually come at a steep referral fee: We give our agents free leads weekly so our agents have everything they need to go out there and get listings and do business.

ARC Real Estate is a pioneer in the industry. Our state of the art company is revolutionizing the real estate industry. We hear all the time from agents that  “this seems too good to be true” or “there’s got to be a catch”.

Our answer is simple- There is no catch. We just do real estate the way we think it should be done, by offering the maximum value to our agents and our clients.